Garden Activities for Kids

Gardening is a very healthy activity even for kids. There are plenty of garden activities you can do with your kids. Don’t worry if you have no garden, a few pots on a balcony would also do.

Here are some fun-filled Garden Activities for Kids

1. Watering Plants

watering plants

It is the most basic of all gardening activities. You can show him how to water the plants with the help of watering can and then you can make him do the same. Trust me, your child will love it.

2. Cleaning the Garden

It is essential to educate kids about keeping their garden clean. Explain how weeds are harmful to the plants. Encourage them to use garden tools to remove weeds from the garden.

3. Colour the Pots

You can make your kid paint the pots in the garden. Place their pots in the garden. They will love it Do check our post on colouring flower pots using Masking Technique.

Color flower pots

4. Colour the Rocks

Ask your kid to colour various rocks. Let them dry and then arrange them near your flower pots.

Colour the rocks

5 . Gathering Fruits/Vegetables

Give them a basket and help them pluck the ripe fruits and vegetables in case you have a kitchen garden.

6. Garden Scavenger Hunt

Make a garden scavenger hunt and head outdoors. You can make a list of things in the garden. Ask your child to collect/spot all of the items on the list. Here is the link to fun Scavenger hunt we did recently.

garden Scavenger Hunt

7. Grow a Plant

Grow a plant with your kid. Don’t just randomly start growing something. If you don’t do it right, your child may get discouraged and give up.

adding plant to flower pot

8. Dig the mud

You can give beach set or gardening set to your kid and ask him to dig soil. If you live in a flat you can take your child to nearby garden or buy a sand pit. This is a must try activity. My son enjoys digging, making mud pies and driving toy construction trucks over pretend roads.

Digging soil

9. Treasure Hut in Mud

You can hide little treasures in the soil and ask you child to dig and find it .

10. Create a Fairy Garden

Even for adults, fairy gardens can be one of the most fun and interesting gardening activities. Please check the link here how to build a fairy garden.

I really hope you enjoy these gardening activities with your child.

Let me know if you can think of more gardening activities.

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