DIY Pompom Shooter with Paper Cup

After a long time me and my son did a STEM activity. We made a pompom shooter with a paper cup. These pompom shooters are very quick and easy to create and keeps entertained for hours. I bet kids of all ages will love this activity ! Also check our Sink or Float experiment for Kids.

Children enjoy shooting toys, but there is always the issue of safety. This is why the pompom shooter is so awesome. Because pompoms are delicate, your children will not be hurt if there is an unintentional friendly fire. And if you’re planning a birthday party but don’t know what to do for party favors, create these pompom shooters and you’ll be all set! I’m confident the kids will prefer them to the typical little toys seen in gift bags. These party poppers may also be done as a group activity to keep the youngsters occupied while the parents mix and chat. This activity also makes as a STEM activity, as there’s some simple physics involved! I have explained the science at the end of the article.

This activity is also great for toddlers to use their hand muscles and practicing hand-eye coordination. It also encourages gross motor development because your child will undoubtedly run about the room, firing at random items and chasing the pompoms!

Supplies Needed for DIY Pompom Shooter

1 small paper cup

1 balloon (large enough that it fits the bottom of the cup)



Clear Tape

How to make a Pompom Shooter with a Paper Cup

First start with paper cup. Cut off the bottom of the cup with scissors. I just used knife to do the same. But make sure to keep knife away from kids.

supplies for pompom shooter

Now tie a knot in the bottom of the balloon and Cut the top tip of the balloon off.

diy pompom shooter with paper cup

Stretch the open end of the balloon over the bottom of the paper cup and use a clear tape to secure the balloon to the cup.

pompom shooter

Your pompom shooter is ready ! Now put a pompom into the cup, pull the knot of the balloon back and fire ! Your pompom will launch into the air. You can stuff the opening or make shoot one pompom at a time

Don’t just limit yourself with pompoms. Try finding small objects around the house to launch.

Games to play with Pompom Shooter

You can play many different games with this DIY pompom shooter.

  • You can even have a competition to see who launches an object farthest. Shoot one at a time and see who can get the most pompoms to fly the farthest!
  • Play a game of tag with the pompom shooter! Run after each other and try to tag each other with a pompom that comes out of the shooter.
  • Shoot pompoms up into the air and try to catch them as they fall back to the ground.
  • Make a goal or target for pompom. Kids may compete by shooting soft pompoms at targets to see who can hit the target the most accurately.
  • You can ask your child to pull balloon back at different length to see how it affects the distance of pompom launched.

These are some game ideas we came up with. Let me know in the comments if you came up with your variation. You can even make it an experiment by comparing several launch pieces to determine which one performs best and flies the furthest.

Science behind Pompom Shooter

Pompom Shooters are one of the most entertaining methods to study physics. When the balloon is pulled back before launch, it has a high level of potential energy. Once the balloon is released, that potential energy is converted to kinetic energy and pompom is launched out of the shooter. Air fills the balloon as you stretch it back. When you let go, the air within the balloon contracts. The pressurized air escapes from the balloon and into the shooter’s body, where it settles at a lower pressure region. The pompom flies out of the shooter due to the air flow.

Secondly, you can discuss gravity with this experiment. Because everything that goes up, must eventually come down, the pompom continues to move until gravity gradually causes it to fall to the ground.

Let me know in the comments if you will try this DIY pompom shooter with your child.

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