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Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

Are you a teenager or a mom and looking for Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls online in India? Congratulations ! You are on the right page.

We all will agree that birthdays are special occasions for everyone and all girls want the best birthday dress on their special day. Here I have compiled list of websites in India that specialize in birthday dress for teenage girls keeping in mind that teenage sizes are different compared to regular women sizes.

Websites for Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

Plum and Peaches

Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India Plum and Peaches

If you are holding a big gathering then gowns are a good option as a birthday dress. Gowns are not only for occasions like wedding and proms. It makes a good outfit if you are the host of the party. Gowns will make you feel like a princess and give a sophisticated look. If you are looking for gowns for teens, then look no further than Plum and Peaches. They specialize in gowns for all sizes and all occasions. Whether you’re looking for a simple gown or sparkling party gown, they have it all. They also do customization. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can get the gown customized as per your needs.

A la Mode by Akansha

Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

If you are looking for something too formal but casual yet stylish, then check the collection by A ala Mode by Akansha. They do trending collection at very affordable prices. Besides dresses, they have an extensive collection of tops, co-ord sets , jumpsuits, jackets and loungewear. They are mostly imported collection which fits Indian teen body wonderfully.

Fab Alley

Fab Alley Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

If you are looking to wear Little Black dress for your special day, I suggest to browse through Little Black Dress collection by Fab Alley. They offer trendy dresses at affordable prices. Their collection is now available offline in Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop stores too. Their collection is popular among young girls and their XS size fits perfectly on teen girls who are lean.


Zara Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

Everybody has heard of Zara ! Zara is without a doubt one of the most popular stores in India for western wear. It is popular among teenage girls as well as women. Zara entered the Indian market in 2010 and has been steadily expanding since then. Best part of Zara is its extensive collection. They come up with around 20 collections in an year. If you are looking for something trendy and do not mind splurging then this is the store for you. Their online store has an easy interface and they provide cash on delivery option too.

Forever New

Forever New Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls in India

Forever New is a well known Australian brand known for its apparel and accessories. It specializes in party dresses. Their fabric and stitching is of superior quality compared to all other brands listed above but then come with a price. They are expensive compared to other popular western wear brands. You can find their stores in most of the popular malls.

How are Teenage Sizes Different to Regular Women Sizes?

In India, sadly there is no brand exclusively doing clothes for teenagers. You will find plenty of options for young girls aged 0-10 years and for women. But for teenagers, you have to buy a size down in women’s category.

The regular women sizes are meant for fully developed bodies and more mature figures. The teenagers want sizes that is less smaller, slimmer and shorter than regular women sizes. The cuts have to more straight and less curvy on hips and bust as teens bodies aren’t fully developed. Plum and Peaches is one company which is exclusively doing gowns for teens keeping teenage body in mind.

I hope you find the list of websites doing Birthday Dress for Teenage Girls helpful. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite brand? Do you also feel we should have more brands exclusive for teens?

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