Dussehra Ravan Craft for Kids

Dussehra is coming up so I thought of doing an Easy Ravan Craft with my son. I was looking online for some inspiration to make Ravan Craft ideal for preschoolers and Kindergarten. Unfortunately, I found all complicated designs online, not appropriate for young kids.

I thought of doing an easy one keeping young kids in mind. It can be made by kids in playschool, preschool, daycare, and homeschooling on their own. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for making the same.

Supplies Required to Make Ravan Craft for Kids

Supplies Required for Ravan Craft

Procedure to Make Ravan Craft for Kids

First, make all the cutouts so that it is ready for your child to paste. Make cut out of a crown and shield from golden paper, lips from red paper, ornament, and sword from silver paper as shown in the picture above.

Next paint all paper cups using any color of your choice. Make sure to paint one cup with brown or beige as it will be used as a face. We deiced to paint the upper body part red and the lower as green.

Now make two holes on side of the red cup as shown in the picture and insert a popsicle stick. Make sure your cup is upside down when you are making the holes. This popsicle stick will be the hand of Ravan.

Holes on Red Cup
Insert popsicle stick in Cup

Now paste shield and sword on each hand.

Now put glue or Fevicol on the edges of the green cup and paste the red cup on it. Don’t forget to paste the necklace.

Paste glue over the green cup
paste body on the green cup

Now let’s start making the face. Take the beige cup. First, make the marking for eyes and mustache using the pencil.

Make marking on ravan face

Paste the googly eyes, mustache, and mouth as shown in the picture.

make ravan face for ravan craft idea

Now add a crown. We added feathers at the back of the crown to make it colorful.

ravan craft idea

Now paste the face to the body. To complete the look, wrap a golden tape between the red and green cups.

ravan craft idea for kids

That’s it! It’s done!

Your demon Ravan is ready! Wasn’t it easy?

Happy Dussehra !

You can fill the cup with crackers and use it for Ravan. You can also use it as a puppet or as a showpiece in your room.

Happy Dussehra! Let us know in the comments how did you find our Ravan Craft Idea for kids? If you decide to make your own Ravan Craft do share your pictures with us.

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