Pre Owned / Second Hand Books for Kids

I can give you reasons why you should consider buying  pre owned/ second hand books for your kids rather than the new ones.

Books are not cheap ! Especially the imported ones. When buying books for my son, there came a time when the cost of buying them kept increasing. So I googled if I can buy pre owned/second hand books for children  just like we used to buy second hand copies of expensive books in college. To my delight, I found websites where I could buy these books at far lower prices. The only flip side is you won’t always have the luxury of choosing titles. You will have to pick what is available with them.

When I was looking for second hand books for kids, I was amazed to find new words that have replaced second hand books

Gently used

Pre Loved

Pre Owned

This post is my small effort to list the websites from where you can buy pre owned books for your kids.

List of websites from where you can buy Pre owned books/ Second Hand Books for children in India

Little Bookworms

Link :


Link :

Passaro Books

Link :


Link :


Link :

Do you know of any more places where you can buy pre owned books for kids?

Or would you consider giving pre owned books a try ?

Please share your thoughts .

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