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What Age Do You Start Reading to Baby?

As a new mother, you may wonder what is the best age to start reading to your baby? In my opinion, it’s never too early to start reading and it’s never too late. You don’t have to wait for your child to turn a particular age to start reading. Whenever you start, it is the best time/ best age. But definitely start reading to your kids.

We all know there are so many benefits of reading books. Reading to your baby is one of the most successful ways of instilling a love of reading in them.

You can start reading even to a one month old baby. You do not have to wait until your baby learns to talk. Of course, your baby will not understand the story or what you are saying. It is more about gestures. Sometimes it may feel like you’re reading to yourself. Don’t be disheartened. It may seem like it, but your baby is taking it in and will enjoy having a snuggle and hearing your voice.

Babies enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing mom or dad point things out and say what they are. Once you turn this into a daily routine, you’ll be surprised by how quickly your baby will start learning and understanding small things which will pay off later as they get older.

Reading also lays a good foundation for listening skills in kids. 

But don’t read to kids thinking as an “investment” with future benefits in mind. Instead, think of it as a fun time spent with your kid. The benefits will follow.

You can start with just ten minutes of reading time and gradually extend the time. Gradually he/she will be able to maintain full attention for longer periods of time.  

My Personal Experience 

I started reading to my son when he was three months old. When I became a mother, I promised myself that I will give my best try to read him every day.  And now when he is five years old he enjoys reading thoroughly. It is still a ritual to read books to him at night before sleep. He is ready with books in his hand for me to read when it is his bedtime.

Just remember to have fun! Show your child that reading is enjoyable. Just start reading to your baby irrespective of his age!

You can find the link of age-related tips for reading to children here.

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