Why you should buy Lego for Kids?

If after a trip to a toy store you are confused and wondering why you should buy Lego for kids you are at the right place. I have a five year old son and he loves playing with Lego. Ever since, he connected his first Lego bricks he is in love with them.  In fact all my nephews of different age groups love playing with Lego and are die hard fans! That’s how my son got introduced to Lego looking at his cousins playing.

You will find Lego sets in all fancy and big toy stores like Hamley’s. They are available online too. But what may make you think before buying is the price. They are expensive ! When we buy expensive toys for our kids we want it to be worth it. You may also wonder they are just blocks. You can buy any other blocks in the market. Let me tell you it isn’t like that. Lego is not your regular building block.

As a parent I love Legos. They are challenging, engaging, fun and educational.

 What is Lego?

  • LEGO is one of the leading and most popular brand in the market for puzzles, bricks, and toys. It is very popular in western countries and recently getting popular in India.
  • Lego Toys are also called Legos informally.
  • Lego is built and produced by the Lego Group based in Denmark. Ole Kirk Christiansen is the founder of Lego.
  • Lego was the first construction toy built using plastic and is and one of the most recognized toy brands in the world.
  • The Lego Group is the first company that manufactured plastic building toys.
  • Legos are now also considered collectibles.
  • Lego has cultivated its own subculture and following.
  • There are Lego movies, games, video games, competitions, and theme parks. There are Lego fans who maintain many active online communities.

Lego is For all Ages

Lego is for all ages and learning stages. There are simple sets for toddlers made up of big blocks. There are advanced sets which has lots of small and little pieces, for older kids, teens and even adults.

Buying Guide For Lego

First time I went shopping for Lego was in Singapore for my nephew at Toys r us. I was so overwhelmed. The options were so vast. I just could not decide which one to pick.

There are open ended and closed ended sets available. Open ended sets give the child the flexibility to make anything . In case of close ended set , detailed building instructions  are given and have parts that are suited to build a specific model.

Open Ended Sets

open end lego sets for kids open end lego sets for kids

Close Ended Sets

Lego creator

There is label of recommended age on the front of the box to let you know what ages the set would be best for.

You can check our link for Best Lego Sets for Kids in India 

Lego Duplo

Lego Duplo set in India

For kids 1.5 years old to 5 years old

Lego Duplo are made especially keeping in mind preschoolers. There length, height and width is double the traditional Lego bricks. This makes it easier to be handled and less likely to be swallowed by them.

LEGO Juniors

Lego Juniors set in India

For Kids 4 years old – 8 years old

Size of Lego Juniors bricks are the standard Classic Lego size and what makes it different from regular Lego is that the designs are simpler.


Lego Creator for Kids

For kids 7 years old – 99 years old

For older kids when it comes to LEGO , there are so many options available . You can choose according to kid’s interest. Otherwsie, there are open ended packs too available which can be used to make your own designs.

Why should you buy Lego for Kids ?

Quality, Lasts for years

Plastic used to make Lego are of high quality and non toxic. They  are so well made that if you take some blocks made in 1970, they will still fit with pieces made today. Therefore, your Lego set purchased today will last you for years. You can never break a part. You can only lose the part.

Tighter Fit

The fit between two blocks is too good and the difference in fit you will realize when you will play with other plastic toys.

Magnificent Designs

Lego is very famous for its creative and mesmerizing designs using bright colors. No other brand can replicate the designs of Lego, There are lot of details that goes into making different structures. The interior parts are also made of tiny parts which you cant see from outside.

Learning Skills

Lego is a great learning source for kids. It is great source for developing  fine motor skills, patience, self esteem, cognitive skills and teamwork.

Pieces/Bricks Compatible Among Sets

Lego bricks are totally compatible among different sets of Lego. Brick used in making a car can be used in making a castle of a different set. All pieces can be used over and over in many different sets.

Brings the Family Together

Lego is very much a family activity appealing to both young and old. Initially you will have to help your child make it and this makes a great family activity.


You can make Lego anywhere. You can carry it anywhere and make it anywhere making it a prefect portable activity for kids.

Avoid Cheap Off-Brands

I have used many building blocks brands other than LEGO. I won’t say they are bad, but the experience is not as good as Lego. 

The plastic quality of Lego is way superior. You will notice that the cheap brand blocks do not fit together tightly after a time. When the blocks don’t fit properly or stay in place, it rather makes the play time frustrating. My son used to get frustrated when the blocks did not fit properly and were loose.

Time and experience are great teachers, and I’ve learnt that more is more in some cases – paying a bit more for a quality toy or building set often results in a better building, learning and emotional experience.

Mega blocks for kids in India

If you’re looking for something exactly like Legos, you probably won’t find it. The only brand close to it is Mega Bloks. But Mega Blocks available in India are only for toddlers.  In terms of size, Mega Blocks are bigger compared to Legos.

I hope this article is useful to you and motivates you to buy Lego for your kids.


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