Best Lego Sets for Kids in India 

Buying  Lego sets for your child can be a difficult task, thanks to a vast number of options available. If you are looking for the best Lego sets for kids in India, you are on the right page. To help you to save time and make an appropriate choice, I have shortlisted sets that you can choose to buy for your child.

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All these sets are currently available online. Click on the Lego set images and it will take you to the respective website, from where you can purchase these sets.

List of Best Lego Sets for Kids in India

For Kids 1-2 years old

Mega Bloks Building Basics Let’s Build

For kids under 2 yrs, I would recommend Mega Blocks instead of Legos.

  • Mega Bloks are slightly bigger than the Duplo bricks
  • Mega Bloks don’t stick together as tightly as compared to Lego Duplo, so it is easy for younger toddlers to take apart the bricks.

For Kids 2-5 years old

For children 2 -5 years, Lego Duplo bricks are better. Since the bricks fit together tighter than the Mega Bloks, they work better for the preschool-age builders. Once the kids have learned to make towers and want to go beyond, Lego Duplo Blocks are perfect.

Police Station Building Blocks for Kids ( LEGO Duplo 38 Pcs)

LEGO Duplo Brick Box

LEGO Duplo Fun Creations Building Blocks

For Kids 4 – 8 years old

The Lego Junior series is the next level in terms of difficulty and age. They have simple designs where some pieces are pre-made using Lego bricks. The Lego Creator and City Lines have smaller, less-complicated sets that would probably be a better choice for the 7-8 years age group.

Classic Creative Suitcase Building Blocks For Kids

 Garbage Truck Building Blocks for Kids ( LEGO City – 90 Pcs)

Classic Creative Brick, Multi Color 484 pcs


 Ocean Exploration Submarine (LEGO City)

LEGO Creator Propeller Plane

For kids 7 years old – 99 years old

LEGO Rocket Truck

LEGO City Space Mars Research Shuttle

For older kids, you can buy regular Lego sets. You can decide the theme depending on the interest of your child. You can buy complex sets for your child at this stage. If you buy a big set for a seven-year-old, let me tell you honestly that you will end up building it. Bigger the box, the bigger the time it will consume, even for an “expert” builder. This isn’t a bad thing but just giving a heads up.

Also, I have noticed that Flipkart has more options in Lego as compared to Amazon. There are so many themes available. You can buy according to the interest of your child.

I hope this information on lego sets was useful to you.

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