Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in India

If you are looking for the best Subscription Boxes or Activity Boxes for Kids in India, you have come to the right place.

Subscription boxes are popularly also called Activity Boxes.

Subscription Boxes / Activity boxes for kids have been the buzzword for a while now and it’s clear why. They are becoming increasingly popular in India, and for those who don’t know what it is, you are at the right place.

What are Activity Boxes or Subscription Boxes?

Activity Boxes are usually monthly-subscription boxes that contain number of play-based learning activities for kids to do at home. They come with DIY activities, toys, games, books and worksheets depending on the activity box you have subscribed. Each box usually includes either theme-based or STEM-based activities designed by a team of child-experts, designers, academics, and artists.

What are the advantages of subscribing to Subscription Boxes/ Activity Boxes?

There are many advantages of subscribing to them.

Firstly, it contains activities for kids that are safe, age-appropriate, play-based, educational, engaging and fun. This makes learning interesting. We all know how incorporating enjoyable activities into the learning process can help foster long-term memory in children.

Secondly, it keep the kids entertained and help to cut down on your child’s screen time – whether it’s TV, computers, tablets or smart phones.

Thirdly, as a parent you don’t need to go hunting for a different game, book or toy every month – the boxes take care of everything!

Fourthly, these activities are curated by professionals like child development professionals, early learning experts and game designers.

Fifth, it is for all ages. Subscription boxes are available for different age groups with relevant age-appropriate activities.

Sixth, for younger children parents will need to help them and this provides a great opportunity for parents to interact and bond with their children.

Seventh, Activity Kit is all about convenience and can be completed at your own pace and ordered to suit your busy schedules.

Eight, Many of these activities are re-playable. You can keep on doing them more than once.

These subscription boxes are worth a try. There are many options and you may like one over another.

List of Subscription Boxes for Kids in India

Here is a curated list of the best subscription boxes that will engage your kids in the comfort of your home.

Books Subscription Boxes

fububox subscription box
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1. Fububox

Age Group : 0-6 yrs


Educational Subscription Boxes

Genius Box Subscription Box
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1. Flintobox

Age Group : 1.5-12 yrs


2. Intellikit from Firstcry

Age Group : 2- 6 yrs


3. Genius Box

Age Group : 3-1 2 yrs


4. Magic Crate

Age Group : 2-12 yrs


5. Xplorabox

Age Group : 2-12 yrs


6. Butterfly Edufields

Age Group: 2- 13 yrs


7. Podsquad

Age Group: 1-10 yrs


Craft Subscription Boxes

Crabo subscription Box
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1. Crabo

Age: 4- 8 yrs

Website :

2. Lighthouse

Age: 2-8 yrs

Website :

3. The Open Play

Age: 2- 8 yrs

Instagram Page:

Hope this list is useful to you. Which is your favourite subscription box? Comment and let me know.

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