Easy Drawing for Kids with Step by Step Instructions

If you are looking for Easy Drawing for Kids, this post will definitely get you started. If you want to inspire your child’s creativity or boost your child’s drawing skills or you want your child to be able to create beautiful artwork on his or her own, I have compiled around 15 Easy Drawing for Kids with step-by-step instructions. Every drawing picture is broken down into simple step-by-step instructions so that young artists may produce a masterpiece. The step-by-step instructions have been designed keeping young kids in mind. Also check our Drawing with Alphabet post for more pictures. I hope you find it resourceful. Don’t forget to bookmark this post to come back to later for easy drawing for kids.

Why Drawing is a great activity for young kids?

Drawing is an important component of a child’s development. Just like dancing and singing, drawing also comes effortlessly to young children. Below are the benefits of drawing for toddlers.

Drawing involves few resources (only a sheet of paper and a drawing instrument), is simple and enjoyable for people of all ages and abilities, and is usually mess-free.

Drawing helps to improve concentration in kids. To draw a child has to focus for a longer period of time. Furthermore, concentrating on the details boosts their capacity to pay attention. This will come in handy when it’s time to go back to school.

Drawing helps in improving fine motor skills. Movement with your hands and fingers is considered as fine motor abilities. To draw, a child has to use his/her hands which helps him/her to acquire these skills at a young age. As a result, learning to write at a later age will not be difficult for your child.

Drawing helps to improve hand-eye coordination. When the child draws, he/she will be able to see the effects of each hand movement on paper. As a result, their hand-eye coordination will vastly increase.

Drawing helps children to express themselves and share their thoughts, which is especially beneficial for children who are still learning to communicate through words. You can see the world through your child’s eyes by allowing them to draw whatever they choose. That is why, rather than just relying on coloring books, you should let your child be creative on a blank page.

Drawing helps to improve the imagination power of kids. Kids have to imagine to draw. They have to imagine their own characters, which may be anything from talking animals, flying cars to aliens.

At what age kids can start drawing?

While there is no hard and fast rule about when children should start drawing, most kids begin to doodle and do simple drawings between the ages of two and four. Children usually start experimenting with shapes and lines between the ages of three and seven. This is the time when you will find familiarity and some structure in their drawing. This is also an excellent age to teach simple drawing skills to kids.

Easy Drawing for Kids with Step by Step Instructions

It’s always simple to pick up a pencil and start scribbling. These step-by-step instructions will greatly assist them in improving their drawing skills. So what are you waiting for? Let your kid’s inner artist shine with these fantastic resources on easy drawing for kids. To keep things easier, we have divided the drawings into some subsections.

Easy Animal Drawing for Kids

Easy Cat Drawing Step by Step

make easy cat

In the beginning, draw a circle with freehand. Then make ears by drawing triangles on the top of the head. Draw another triangle inside the ear. Next, make dotted eyes and a triangle nose. Now add whiskers and two arcs on each side as the mouth. Then make collar, body, and legs.

Easy Sheep Drawing Step by Step

To draw this cute little sheep first draw a cloud-shaped structure. Then add an oval head on its side. Next, make ears and legs. On the head draw a small cloud-like structure. Now add dotted eyes, triangle nose, and two arcs on each side as mouth.

Easy Mouse Drawing Step by Step

Easy Mouse Drawing for Kids Step by Step

To draw this cute little mouse, first, make an oval shape. Then make its ears, legs, and small oval inside it as shown in the picture. Then add hands. dotted eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth. Finish it off by making a tail.

Easy Penguin Drawing Step by Step

Start with the body of the penguin. Next, draw the belly, feet, and flippers. Last but not least make its eyes and mouth. Now color your penguin however you like.

Easy Butterfly Drawing Step by Step

Easy Butterfly Drawing for Kids Step by Step
Source: Sparklebox

make a butterfly first draw a head and body. Then add two symmetrical top and bottom wings on each side. Now add antennae and other details as shown in the picture.

Easy Lion Drawing Step by Step

Easy Lion Drawing for Kids Step by Step

First, make a circle for the lion’s head. Then draw the mane by drawing zig-zag lines around the head. Next, draw the body in the shape of an oval. Then make ears, eyes, nose, and mouth as shown in the picture. Next draw the tail of the lion, elongated by a slightly curved triangle completed by a droplet at the end of the tail. last, draw the paws of the lion.

Easy Camel Drawing Step by Step

Easy Camel Drawing for Kids Step by Step

Start drawing the camel by making its head first. Next draw closed eyes, nostrils, and a smiling face. Then draw ears and an elongated neck in the form of an oval. Then make the body of the camel with two humps. In the upper parts of the humps draw wavy lines as shown in the pic. Next, make legs with hooves and a tail to complete the camel.

Easy Hippo Drawing Step by Step

Easy Hippo Drawing for Kids Step by Step
Source: Sparklebox

To make this cute hippo first make its head and then ears. Then make its body by making a curved rectangle. Next draw ears, eyes, and mouth. Then make legs and tail as shown in the picture.

Easy Cartoon Drawing for Kids

Easy Peppa Pig Drawing Step by Step

Easy Cartoon Drawing for Kids peppa pig

Start by making Peppa pig’s head. Make two round shapes as shown in the picture followed by eyes, nose, smiling lips, and ears. Next draw the body, legs, hands, and tail.

Easy Simpson Drawing Step by Step

simpson drawing for kids

Start by making two circles over one another. Join them on the sides. Draw a circle to make the nose. Now add eyes, hair, ears, and smiling lips as shown in the picture.

Easy Boy Drawing Step by Step

Easy Boy Drawing for Kids Step by Step

Begin by making the face and torso. The face should be bigger than the body to give a cartoon and funny look. Then add legs, hands, hair, and details to the face. Next, make shoes and fingers. The fingers and shoes should be bigger compared to the legs and hands.

Easy Angry Bird Drawing Step by Step

Angry Bird Drawing for Kids Step by Step
Source: Boredpanda

Draw angry birds using different shapes: triangle, square and circle.

Easy Panda Drawing for Kids Step by Step

This is a cute panda drawing that can be done in six steps. First, make a circle. Then draw its body and ears. Make legs with freehand. Now add drooping eyes and mouth. Your cute panda is ready!

Easy Scenery and Landscape Drawing for Kids

When it comes to scenery and landscape drawings for kids, there are a lot of things they can draw: sunrise. sunsets, beach, mountains, hills, forests, lakes, sun, cottage, house, etc. I have compiled a few easy scenery drawing for kids. These simple and easy scenery drawing ideas are ideal for passing on to your kids when they’re seeking something to do. You can click on the picture to see step by step tutorial.

Scenery for Kids waterfall
Easy Scenery Drawing for Kids sunset
Easy Drawing for Kids
sunset picture
waterfall painting

Favourite Websites for Easy Drawing for Kids

Below are my favorite websites for easy drawing for kids. They have a variety of images with step-by-step instructions divided into categories such as Animals, Cartoon Characters, Flowers, People, Transportation, and others. You can use the tutorials to learn how to draw any picture. Do try them!

  1. Art Projects for Kids
  2. Sparkle Box
  3. Activity Village
  4. Rainbow Printables
  5. Blue Tadpole Studio

Best Drawing Books for Kids

Here’s handpicked selection of books for kids that teach easy drawing to kids. They have step-by-step instructions and also aid in the development of their motor skills and handwriting.

Step-by-Step Drawing Book

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions in this inspired draw-in book to learn how to draw everything you’ve ever wanted to, from rockets to buildings, cars to monsters, and much more.

Step-by-Step Drawing People

In this fun drawing book, instructions have been given to draw everything from superheroes to ballerinas to mummies. Step-by-step sketching instructions, space to practice and doodle, and suggestions for coloring in or adding backgrounds can all be found on each double-sided colorful sheet.

PepPlay Step by Step Drawing Book Cute Farm Animal 

A good book with clear step-by-step instructions to draw different farm animals.

I hope you found the information on Easy drawing for kids with step-by-step instructions useful. Let me know in the comments if you follow any particular website for step by step drawing.

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