Best Bookshelf for Kids under Rs. 5000

Are you looking for a Bookshelf for your Kids room online? With so many options of bookshelves available from different manufacturers in the market today, selecting the best one for your kid might be a challenge. We’ve come up with this article that has a list of the Best Bookshelf for Kids under Rs. 5000/- in the Indian market along with the buying guide to ease your buying process.

Why you should buy Bookshelf for kids?

We all know that it is important to read to kids, but when the number of books gets too much, it’s time to put up a kids bookshelf. Getting a bookshelf for your child will help declutter and keep their room organized. Kids’ bookcases do more than simply provide cute storage for growing books. They also encourage children to fall in love with reading by providing them with their own place. When books are in reach it gets easy for kids to pick books and read.

Buying Guide for Bookshelf for Kids

Size of the Bookshelf

The size of the bookcase you require is determined not only by the amount of available space, but also by the age of your child. You can’t get a big bookcase when you have limited space to put it. You also can’t get a tall bookcase for a toddler if you want them to be able to reach every book. If you want something that a younger child or toddler can reach the books from, look for one with smaller height options and easily accessible shelves.

Sturdy and Durable

Make sure it’s built of high-quality wood or durable plastic that won’t break easily. If you opt to use fabric, make sure the material is of high quality. If you have any doubts about the durability, see the customer reviews. The bookshelf should be sturdy. It should not trip over the child incase he/she climbs on it.

Ease in Assembly

If you are buying online the bookshelf should be easy to assemble as you will have to do it on your own. Different bookshelves have different ways of assembling. The main concern is how simple it will be for you to put it up. Choose one that does not require professional installation.

Best Bookshelf for Kids under Rs.5000/-

We’ve compiled a helpful list of brands to get you started in your hunt for the best kids bookshelf for your enthusiastic reader. In no particular sequence, these are some of our favorites:

CuddlyCoo Wooden Bookshelf for Kids

Bookshelf for Kids

This attractive bookshelf from Cuddly Coo will quickly brighten up any nursery or playroom. The Book Shelf is simple to assemble and disassemble, as well as lightweight and portable. There are no screws, nuts, or bolts required for assembly. It comes with a lovely wood and cotton canvas fabric that can be easily put into the wooden racks and completed. There are no splinters on the bookshelves that could hurt your youngster. Your youngster can choose his favorite books from the front facing book shelf, which promotes organization and reading abilities. Cotton construction makes it simple to wash, clean, and maintain. It comes in a cotton bag for convenient storing. It also comes in prints like stars and polka dots.

Aprodz Wall Mounted Floating 2 piece Bookshelf

Bookshelf for Kids

Save up your floor space with the wall-mounted bookshelves from Aprodz. This wall-mounted bookshelf is modern, simple, and timeless. It will mix wonderfully with any setting. The shelves are fully completed and ready to use. The mounting screws and anchors are provided in the packing. You can easily install it on unused wall space. It also comes in blue, pink and white color.

CuddlyCoo Stackable Bookshelf for Kids

CuddlyCoo Stackable Bookshelf for kids

This Cuddly Coo Stackable Bookshelf is ideal for those who are just beginning their reading experience. It can be placed in a little corner or on a tabletop. The bookshelf can be expanded as the collection expands. It has an interlocking mechanism that allows it to be assembled without the use of nuts/bolts and screws.

Homesmith’s Toy Organizer with Book Rack 

Homesmith's Toy Organizer with Book Rack

The Homesmiths Toy Organizer with Book Rack is an ideal bookshelf for your child to enjoy story time while playing with their favorite toys. It has 4 standard, 2 large storage containers and 4 deep sleeves to store books. Moreover, these storage containers are removable and easy to clean. The organizer has deep sleeves to store books of practically any size for easy reading and storage. It is ideal for toddlers since the height of this bookshelf is just right for toddlers and preschool-aged children to reach their favorite book safely.

3 Tiered Ladder Bookshelf for Kids

3 Tiered Ladder Bookshelf for Kids

Why buy a dull bookcase when you can have a ladder in your room? This ladder bookshelf has three tiers for storing and organizing your kids books. It will undoubtedly be the focal focus of your child’s bedroom, but it will also provide ample functional book storage.

Kurtzy MDF Wood Shelf for Kids

Kurtzy MDF Wood Shelf Organizer

This bookcase can be created according to your preferences thanks to the Wooden DIY design idea. This bookshelf has a lot of storage space. You can use it to store books and even toys. Other floor-standing bookshelves and storage shelves have a tendency to tumble and sway, but this rack bookcase keeps the book securely in place.

Homesmiths Book Rack Beige Melamine

Homesmiths Bookshelf for kids

The Homesmiths bookshelf is ideal for storing all of your toddler’s favorite picture books. The rack provides a place to keep your child’s favorite books. They will enjoy arranging and selecting items from their collection. It is quick and simple to install and made of high-quality MDF and polyester fabric slings. Its low height makes it perfect for younger kids to reach for books.

eHomeKart Multi Color Bookshelf for Kids

eHomeKart Multi Color Bookshelf for kids

This bright and colourful bookshelf from ehomeKart is perfect for your child’s bedroom or playroom. It has four storage tiers which provide plenty of space for books of all shapes and sizes. The vibrant colours make the room lively and a small height makes it easy for kids to take books on and off the shelves. The plastic construction makes it simple to clean. Just wipe it down with a wet towel.

The Tickle Toe Book Rack Shelf with Easel 

The Tickle Toe Bookshelf for kids

This bookcase from The Tickle Toe will look fantastic in any child’s bedroom or playroom. It is made of HDPE which is High Density Polyethylene. With its easy-to-reach shelves, it makes storytime enjoyable. The child can easily reach for books. It includes a magnetically attached easel along with shelves on its backside. The corners are not sharp and are rounded to ensure the protection of children. Also, the structure of the bookshelf is stable, and its bearing capacity is excellent. You don’t have to be anxious about the bookshelf collapsing and hurting the child when using it alone. It’s a highly strong design that won’t fall over.

5 Tiered Ladder Design Bookshelf

5 Tiered Ladder Design Bookshelf for kids

Get your kid’s books organized with this 5 tiered Ladder Bookcase. It has plenty of space to store books. You can use it to keep your kids’ books, toys, figurines, and trophies. It is simple to assemble and disassemble for relocation. The unit does not have to be nailed to the wall and is made of engineered wood.

MemeHo Simple Bookshelf for Kids

MemeHo Simple Bookshelf for kids

If you are tight on budget, this 4 shelves bookshelf from Memeho is perfect for your kids room. It comes in two colors: Pink and Blue. The entire unit can be easily assembled and dissembled. It is made of high-quality materials, and each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 5 kg. Each shelf is supported by four long-lasting steel pipes. It is not only a storage solution for your kids books, but it is also a lovely display piece that will brighten your kid’s room.

Aart Store Engineered Wood Bookshelf for Kids

Aart Store Engineered Wood Bookshelf for kids

If you’re searching for a classic bookcase with no frills, this Aart Store bookshelf is a great option. It has clean, classic lines that allow it to seamlessly transition from nursery to big-kid room. Made from high-quality engineered wood, Aart Store Mason Engineered Wood Bookcase is both robust and solid. It comes in a white and walnut finish. It is free of burrs and sharp edges, enhancing overall safety and minimizing accidental scrapes and injuries around children and adults alike. The Aart Store Wood Bookcase has passed load-bearing capability testing for each shelf at 30 kgs, ensuring a strong and durable frame.

4NM 3 Tier No Assembly Book Shelf

4NM 3 Tier No Assembly Bookshelf for kids

You can use the 4NM 3 Tier bookshelf immediately after unpacking it. The bookshelf’s panel is built of high-grade particleboard and a solid iron frame to offer a sturdy structure and durable quality. When compared to other bookshelves, it will free your hands and mind by removing the laborious building process. It folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds and requires no assembly. Because of its foldable design, it takes up little space.

I hope that this guide helps you get the best bookshelf for your little one. Share this with someone who is planning to buy Bookshelf For Kids.

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