Best Feeding Bottle for Babies in India

Here’s a list of the Best Feeding Bottle for Babies in India and how to choose the appropriate feeding bottle for your child. Every parent and child’s journey includes the use of a feeding bottle. In the first year of life, if you are feeding your infant breast milk or formula, you may need to use a feeding bottle. It could be used to give water,  breast milk, or formula milk. It’s essential to choose the right brand and type of bottle for your baby in order to make the first year of parenthood go as smoothly as possible in terms of feeding, weaning, and keeping the baby healthy.

List of Best Feeding Bottle for Babies in India.

Here’s a list of Best Feeding Bottle for Babies in India.

1. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Options Feeding Bottle

Dr. Brown’s feeding bottle is popular among breastfeeding babies. It promotes a natural latching experience for babies, making switching between bottle and breast easy.

It comes in two options: Standard/Narrow and Wide Neck. There is no such thing as the right type of feeding bottle. It all depends on the baby’s latch. Some babies prefer narrow feeding bottles because they can latch on a full nipple. Wide neck bottles also known as wide-mouth bottles have a breast-shaped nipple with a wider, slanted nipple. This makes them ideal for babies who have a wider latch.

Dr. Brown’s feeding bottles comes with a vent system. You can use it with or without vent. Vent helps to reduce air bubbles which helps in minimizing colic, spit up, burping and gas in babies. And because the vented bottle delivers a vacuum-free feeding experience, it closely mimics breastfeeding.

It comes in three sizes: 120 ml, 150 ml and 250 ml.


  • The feeding bottles have clinically shown that it helps to reduce colic in babies.
  • Most breast pumps will fit in them, allowing you to pump directly into the bottles.
  • Comes in Plastic and Glass
  • Plastic is BPA-free
  • Glass is pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass that is heat and thermal shock-resistant


  • Because of the venting system, there are additional parts to clean and small gaps to clean.

2. Philips Avent Feeding Bottles

Along with Dr. Brown’s, Philips Avent feeding bottles are probably the most popular baby feeding bottles in the Indian market today.

It makes three types of feeding bottles: Natural, Anti Colic, and Classic. Philips Avent Natural baby bottles are designed for moms who want to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. The nipple mimics the feel of a breast making the switch between breast and bottles easy. It comes with air flex vent to reduce colic in babies. The bottle design is ergonomic which is easy to hold for tiny hands. The Anti Colic bottle comes with an Airfree vent which is aimed at helping your infant in swallowing less air when drinking milk. Even when held horizontally, it retains the nipple full of milk, allowing your baby to drink in a more natural, upright position. By reducing the amount of air, it helps to ease issues like colic, gas, and reflux.

It comes in a variety of sizes, so choose the one that best suits your needs. Philips Avent Natural comes in 125 ml, 260 ml, and 330 ml. Philips Anti Colic comes in 125 ml and 260 ml.



  • Easily Available online and offline.
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Available in BPA-free plastic and glass.
  • The bottles have a wide enough mouth that you may easily clean them with a bottle brush.


    • Based on online reviews, some individuals complained that after a few months of use, the measuring marking on the side of the bottle rubs off. People are therefore faced with a measuring problem.

    Some individuals complain about leakage, but this is only a problem if the lid is overly fastened or the nipple isn’t properly adjusted to the Avent feeding bottle.

    3. Comotomo Natural Feel Feeding Bottles

    Comotomo Natural Feel Feeding Bottles is ideal for babies who have rejected other feeding bottles. It resembles sippy cups rather than regular feeding bottles. Both the nipple and the bottle are silicone. It is soft and squeezable, just like a mother’s breast. As a result, newborns who have been solely breastfed may not reject these bottles as strongly as they would traditional baby bottles.

    The feeding bottle contains two anti-colic valves that reduce the amount of air in the milk. This helps to reduce symptoms of colic in babies who struggle with gas and fussiness. This bottle’s nipple is designed like a genuine one, making switching from bottle to breastfeeding easier. It has a wide opening which makes it easy to clean them by hand. Soft silicone provides a greater grip and a relaxing, calming sensation to babies.

    It comes in two colors : Green and Pink.

    4 ounce and 8 ounce quantity is available in this brand.



    • Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers, and sterilizers
    • Easy to clean. You can clean with your hands. These don’t even require the use of a bottle brush.
    • Leakproof
    • BPA free



    • Expensive
    • They won’t fit in all bottle warmers.
    • Not widely available

    4. Chicco Feeding Bottles

    Chicco feeding bottles are also very popular among mothers.

    It is available in two ranges: Natural feeding and Wellbeing. Chicco Natural feeding bottles are ideal for breastfeeding moms. In these bottles, the teat is on the side of the bottle rather than in the middle, which improves the comfort and convenience of feeding. Most notably, the angled teat significantly reduces colic.After 6 months switch to Wellbeing bottles. The teat in these bottles are designed as extended teat, which allows a firmer latch for babies. The teat has an anti-colic valve that prevents air ingestion and relieves from colic discomfort.

    The bottles are also easier to clean than most other bottles on the market because of their broad neck. Natural feeding comes in 150 ml, 250 ml and 330 ml sizes. Well being bottles are also available in same sizes.



    • Easy available online and offline
    • Advanced anti-colic valve
    • Wide neck which helps in easy cleaning
    • BPA Free
    • Bottle is  ergonomically designed 



    • Loose cap fitting

    5. Pigeon Feeding Bottles

    Pigeon is a Japanese brand manufacturing feeding bottles and baby products for more than 50 years. The feeding bottle comes both in plastic and glass.

    The plastic version is known by the brand Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle. Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle has ultra-soft  silicone nipple. The bottle allows for natural tongue movement, ensuring that the baby’s facial and jaw muscles develop to their full potential. The nipple fits nicely into the baby’s tongue and facilitates the tongue’s peristaltic movements. It comes in variety of sizes: 120ml , 200 ml, 240 ml.

    It’s glass feeding bottle is very popular. Its glass is made of non-toxic international quality borosilicate glass for safety and durability. It has grooved interior which assist your baby’s tongue and aid in comfortable latching. The nipple encourages baby to use natural sucking pattern. The Glass feeding bottles comes in four sizes: 120 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml and 240 ml. It also has Cleft Palate feeding Bottle.



    • Hassle-free cleaning due to minimal parts.
    • BPA Free
    • Affordable among the range of glass bottles
    • Compact designs make it easy for baby to hold
    • Lightweight makes it easy to hold



    • It is little heavy compared to other glass bottles.


    How to Choose the Best Feeding Bottle for your Baby ?

    It’s natural to be confused when there are so many different types of feeding bottles in the market. There are various types, from glass to plastic to straight or curved ones. So, how do you decide which baby bottle is best for your child? When choosing baby bottles, keep in mind that you should select one that is appropriate for both your baby’s demands and your lifestyle.

    Here are few factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best feeding bottle for your baby in India.

    1. Type of Material of the Feeding Bottle

    First, decide the type of material of the feeding bottle. Bottles can be of plastic, silicone, glass, or stainless steel. Glass and plastic bottles are widely available. Below are the pros and cons of each.


    Glass Bottles


    • Glass bottles are BPA-free.
    • It is a more environmentally friendly option because it is not made with petroleum.
    • Glass bottles can be boiled during sterilization and also be used for heating.
    • They are recyclable.


    • Glass bottles will break easily in case they are dropped.
    • They are more expensive than plastic bottles or BPA-free plastic bottles.
    • Glass bottles are heavier.


    Plastic Bottles


    • Are lightweight.
    • Are durable and won’t break if they fall.
    • Are BPA-free.
    • BPA free plastic bottles are recyclable


    • Some parents are concerned that, although being BPA-free, plastic may harm their child.
    • Cannot be boiled during sterilization.
    • Cannot be used for heating.


    Silicon Bottles


    • Silicon Bottles are very light.
    • Bottles are also unbreakable, so they will last a long time.
    • They are BPA Free


    • Expensive compared to glass and plastics bottles
    • Difficult to find in offline market


    Stainless Steel


    • BPA Free
    • Durable
    • Eco Friendly


    • Expensive compared to glass and plastic bottles.
    • Difficult to find in the offline market.
    • You can’t see how much liquid is in them from the outside.

    2. Choose the Appropriate Shape of the Feeding Bottle

    Bottles are generally available in three shapes: Standard, Angled and Wide. Standard Bottles are tall and simple. Angled Bottles have a bent at the heck. Because milk gathers at the bottom of the bottle, it may protect your baby from swallowing air. The nipple is always filled with milk. On the downside, they may be more difficult to fill and clean. Wide Bottles are designed to hold wide, short nipples that mimic a breast. It is ideal for babies on breast feed and bottles as well.

    3. Choose the Appropriate Size of the Feeding Bottle

    If you’re looking for a bottle for your newborn baby, seek bottles with a capacity of 150 ml or less. Depending on your baby’s appetite, you can then pick for bottles with a larger capacity as he or she grows.

    4. Choose Light Weight Feeding Bottle

    Always choose bottles that are light in weight. While you’re feeding the infant, you should also be teaching them how to feed themselves. When utilizing a heavy baby feeding bottle, you will never be able to achieve this. A lightweight bottle makes everything easier when traveling because it isn’t heavy.

    5. Choose Appropriate Nipple of the Feeding Bottle

    Bottle nipples are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and flow rates. It’s critical to understand your baby’s feeding flow in order to prevent him from struggling or not getting enough food. Soft, medium, and fast flow are the three forms of nipple flow. Newborns use soft-flow nipples between the ages of 0 and 3 months. Babies above the age of three months use medium-flow nipples because their sucking power has developed and they may require more milk. Babies who are ready and able to cope with a rapid milk flow use fast flow nipples.

    6. Choose Vented Feeding Bottle if your baby has Colic

    Some bottles and nipples have vents which helps to keep newborns from ingesting air. This helps to reduce gassiness and fussiness is reduced. One disadvantage of vented bottles is that they may contain more pieces, which means more things to clean and assemble.

    7. Choose Feeding Bottle compatible with your Pump

    Look for a bottle that you can connect your breast pump to so you don’t have to bother about moving milk from bottles to bags and back to bottles. Many glass bottles on the market are designed to work with breast pumps directly. You can freeze glass bottles after you’ve pumped them, and then defrost them in the refrigerator when you’re ready to use them.

    I hope you found the list of Best Feeding Bottle for Babies in India helpful. Please tell me in the comments which brand do you prefer?

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