Addition Activity using Post its

This week we did a math activity using post-its to practice addition. It is a great alternative to worksheets and a great hands-on learning exercise.

This activity is appropriate for kids in UKG or 1st grade who have just learned addition. For older kids, you can use bigger numbers. Later on, you can repeat this activity with subtraction, multiplication, and division too.

Supplies Required

Chart Paper

Marker pens

Post its / Sticky Notes

Cello Tape/ Blue Tack

Activity 1

What is the Sum?


The idea of the game is to make your child do addition in his mind and not take help of counters.

You can make 10-15 simple equations in post its. Write their sums on the chart paper. Goal of this activity is to do mental math. Therefore, numbers take should be less than 10 for starters. Paste this chart paper on the wall using cello tape. Now ask the child to paste the post its with equations on correct answers.


Activity 2

Make 10 with Post its

what makes 10 set up

Paste a chart paper on the wall. Make a big circle on it. Take 20 post its. Write each number from 1-10 number on it. Ask you child to stick two number together to make 10 in the circle.

Both these activities will help to strengthen your child’s mental math.

Mental math helps to develop logical thinking and reasoning skills.

Would you give this addition activity with post its a try ? Let me know

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