Why are Board Games Good for Toddlers?

I know ! I know ! What are you thinking? Three year olds are too young to play board games. Board games are only for older kids.

You must know that the world of board games is not what it used to be. Things have changed a lot since we were a kid.

I highly recommend buying board games for your kids. Firstly, there is a huge range of games available now and Secondly, the collection is much better than what it used to be at our time. There are board games available specifically for toddlers and preschoolers that can be played with family.

Why are Board Games Good for Toddlers?

  • Board games are fun. They make family time a fun time. Kids have fun playing with their friends too.
  • Board games help in developing social skills as they play with their friends.
  • Board games help in math skills. Simple concepts like addition, subtraction, and counting, number recognition can be learnt with games like Snakes and Ladders.
  • Board games help in language skills too. Games like Charades for Kids have simple words on their cards. Kids as young as 5 can read them.
  • Board games help in motor skills as the kids roll dice, move their pawns and spin the spinner.
  • Board games are helpful in developing cognitive skills and logical thinking.
  • Board games are an excellent way of  developing patience in kids. It takes patience to wait for turns and set up the game and wait for all players to come and play.
  • Board games help the kids to learn to follow instructions.
  • Board games are best to give off screen time to kids. We are always trying our best to keep them away from television, mobiles and iPad.
  • Board games help the child to learn to lose. This is an important life skill which will help him/her in future. Board games provide the safe environment to learn to lose.

I hope you get motivated to buy board games for your kids and play with them.

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