We’re going on a Bear Hunt Map Activity

Here’s a fun map activity inspired by the popular children’s book, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! We created our own map based on the story using simple craft materials. My son loved it! Then we went out with the map for a real bear hunt! He had a blast doing this activity. It’s a great activity to bring the story to life.

We have literally read this book more than 50 times. Before you do this activity it is important that you read this book with your child. I have listed this book in the Classic Children’s Books List too. It is my all-time favorite.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Map Activity

Supplies Required for We’re Going On A Bear Hunt Map Activity

Brown Paper

Colored Papers ( Green for Grass and Trees, Blue for River, Brown, and Black for Cave, Any color for making House)

Brown Paint and Paint Brush

2 Popsicles Sticks cut in half



Steps to make Map

First, take a brown paper cut in a rectangle shape for creating the map. I used brown chart paper. You can even use a plain white sheet or brown grocery bag.

For the starting point, we made a house using different shapes.

Then we created the long wavy grass. To create grass, I took a small rectangle from green-colored paper and then made lots of tiny slits in between.

Next, we made the deep cold river using blue colored paper.

Then we made brown thick oozy mud using brown paint color. You can even paste real sand on it.

Then we made a dark deep forest using popsicle sticks and green colored paper.

Next, we made snowstorm using cotton balls. You can even use glitter here.

The final destination is the cave. We made the cave using brown colored paper.

The map is ready!

I asked him to retell the story using the map.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Sensory Play with the Map

My son got all excited. Then we took the map to our garden and started with our real bear hunt. He wanted to carry his binoculars too for this activity. I made different areas from the story.

For grass, I put my artificial grass in a container.

Long Wavy Grass Sensory Play

To make river, I filled the tub with water.

river sensory play

For oozy mud, I mixed sand and water in a tub.

oozy mud sensory play

To make a deep dark forest, I placed different plants in a row.

deep dark forest sensory play

For the snowstorm, I placed a white cloth on the floor.

snowstorm sensory play

For the cave, I placed a black cloth on two chairs and placed our teddy as the bear.

cave bear sensory play

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt sensory play with the Map

Using the map, I asked him to enact the story using these areas. Once he reached the cave and discovered the bear, he reversed and ran all way back home. He continuously repeated this activity. He went to find the bear at a slow pace and reversed in super speed. It was fun to watch him enacting the story!

We’re going on Bear Hunt Map Activity

Later, he read the story and wanted me to enact it. I obliged him ! 😉

YouTube Video

Besides the book, there is a fun song on Youtube based on the above book.

“We’re going on a bear hunt… got my binoculars… I’m not scared!!! It’s such a fun and silly song for kids to sing and dance along to. Do make your child watch the video! Here is the link to the same.

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt !

I hope you like this activity and get inspired to do this with your kids. Let me know in the comments if you found this We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Map Activity interesting.

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