Water Filtration Experiment for Kids

This week we did a fun water filtration experiment for kids to learn how to turn dirty water into clean water.

This fun science experiment is appropriate for kids age 5 and up.

This experiment also gave us a chance to talk about water pollution and diseases caused by drinking dirty water. Kids are unaware of how much water is contaminated before reaching our taps. We discussed we are lucky to have reliable access to clean water. But many people in slums and villages are not so lucky and must collect and clean their own water. They don’t even have access to taps.

Material Required for Water Filteration Experiment

supplies required for water filter experiment

1 Transparent Glass
Muslin cloth
Dirty Water
2 Transparent Plastic glasses (1 Plastic Cup with a Hole Cut in the Bottom and 1 to hold Dirty Water )

Procedure for Water Filteration Experiment

To begin, we need dirty water to clean it. Take dirty water in a transparent plastic glass. If you don’t have dirty water, begin by polluting the tap water. We have no access to ponds or rivers nearby so we added dirt and leaves to the tap water. In addition to adding the pollutants, we discussed that we shall be filtering out these pollutants.

making polluting water

Now take a second transparent plastic glass with a hole in the bottom.

make a hole in glass

Start the first layer with the muslin cloth in the plastic cup by lining it at the bottom.

add muslin cloth

After this add a layer of clean sand on muslin cloth accompanied by a layer of gravel on it.

adding gravels to water filter for Water Filtration Experiment for Kids

Place the plastic glass on the glass. The next step is to pour the dirty water into the filter so that the gravel, sand, and muslin cloth will filter it down.

add dirty water to water filter

water filtering out of the filter

You will notice the difference in the water before and after filtration using our homemade filter! All the dirt and particles have been collected by the filter making the water cleaner.

clean water after Water Filtration Experiment for Kids

Although the water looked clean, we discussed that water is still undrinkable. It might have some germs which need to be disinfected. There are some microscopic organisms that are too tiny to see and possibly too small to filter.

How the Homemade Water Filter Works

Each layer of our homemade water filter has a purpose.

Gravel filters out large sediments, like leaves and stones.

Sand and Muslin cloth is used to remove fine impurities.

Take the Experiment Further

You can take this experiment further for little older kids. How can we remove contaminants from the water that cannot be filtered out? Once the water has been filtered, it still needs to be disinfected as it may have germs. Therefore, it is not fit for consumption. It can be disinfected by boiling or by adding chemicals like chlorine and alum/fitkari.

This hands-on water filtration experiment for kids activity will teach your child how filters work. How we can filter polluted water? Please comment and tell me if you find the post useful or if you would be trying the same.

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