Simple Drawing for Kids

Are you looking for simple drawing ideas for kids? With so many ideas available online, you may feel overwhelmed from where to start. I have compiled easy simple drawing ideas for kids to get you started. These drawings can be done by age four years and up.

Simple Drawing Ideas for Kids

Here are more than 10 simple drawing ideas for kids. I wanted to keep the list short and select only the ideas that I thought would immediately spark the interest of the children, with minimal instructions.

Fish Drawing

Simple Drawings for Kids

This is a simple drawing of fish for kids. Did you know there are more than 30,000 species of fishes? Fishes live both in fresh and saltwater. First, draw the body of fish by making an oval shape with sharp edges at corners. Now draw eyes, mouth and scales. Then draw the fin and tail. Your fish is ready!

Candy Drawing

Simple Drawings for Kids

All kids love candies. Did you know the word candy is derived from the Sanskrit word “Khanda”? Khanda means a piece of sugar. First, draw the shape of the candy. Next, make the wrapper on both sides. Then make a design on the wrapper by making slanting lines. Your candy is ready!

Godzilla Drawing

This is a simple drawing of Godzilla for kids. Godzilla is a fictional character. My son loves the movie Godzilla. First, draw the head of Godzilla. Then draw the torso. Next, draw a sharp tail. Godzilla is an aggressive creature. So draw big eyes and zig-zag lines for the mouth. Now add scales and pointed spikes as shown in the picture. After that, make legs. Your Godzilla is ready!

Elephant Drawing for Kids

Simple Drawings for Kids elephant

Elephants are the world’s largest animal. Elephants spend 12-15 hours every day eating. To draw an elephant, first make a circle. Then make the body as shown in the picture. Next, make ears, tusk, and feet. After that add eyes, trunk, and fingernail details. Your elephant is ready!

Frog Drawing For Kids

Simple Drawings for Kids

Kids are always fascinated with animal drawings. This frog drawing is simple for kids to make. An interesting fact you can share with kids is that frogs don’t need to drink water. They can absorb water through their skin. Start with making eyes. Then make its face. Add a wide smile and two dots. Next, make hands and legs. Your smiling frog is ready!

Unicorn Drawing for Kids

All kids are familiar with unicorns. Unicorns are mythological creatures similar to horses but with one horn. First, draw an oval shape each for face and body. Next draw neck, bangs, and ear. After that make horn, mane and paws. After that draw facial expressions and tail. Add lines to tail and mane. Your unicorn is ready !

House Drawing for Kids

Wooden houses are very common in Europe, the United States, and Canada. Do you know why? Because wood is a poor conductor of both heat and cold. It does not easily conduct heat or cold from the outside. As a result, wood keeps the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Now to make the house first make a rectangle for the house. Then draw a roof. After the roof, draw porch and chimney on the roof. Draw wavy lines on the roof. Now, on the left side of the house draw a rectangle as a door and a small circle as a doorknob. Next, draw a large window on the right side of the door. Your house is ready!

Pizza Drawing for Kids

Who doesn’t like pizza? Here’s a simple step-by-step instruction to make a pizza slice. First, make a triangle to make the base of the pizza. Now draw small circles as toppings for the pizza. Now draw the pizza crust on the edge by making round edges. Outline the rounded edge of the pizza to complete the pizza slice.

Birthday Cake Drawing for Kids

Every child waits eagerly for his birthday to cut his/her birthday cake. First make the base of the cake by drawing a rectangle. Then draw the second tier of the cake. It should be smaller then the first base. Next, make berries on top of the cake. Now, draw icing of the cake by drawing wavy lines in both the tiers. Your birthday cake is ready !

Owl Drawing for Kids

Do you know an owl has three eyelids: one for blinking, one for sleeping, and one for cleaning. First draw an oval which will make the face and body of an owl. Now make two eyes and beak. Next add ears and feathers, by making unfinished triangles. Next draw wings and legs. Your owl is ready !

Alien Drawing for Kids

Simple Drawings for Kids alien

Do you believe in aliens? Kids will love drawing aliens. An alien can be anything you imagine it to be. It can have one arm or one eye or three eyes. It can have antennae too.

Rocket Drawing for Kids

Space always interests kids. All kids love making rockets. First, draw a thin oval shape to make the body of the rocket. Next to make the fins of the rocket, draw a square at 45 degrees. Then, add a triangle below the square as shown in the picture. Then, make small circles as windows. Next, draw two lines to separate the middle of the rocket from the top and the bottom. Your rocket is ready for launch!

Easy Landscape Drawings for Kids


Teaching your kids how to draw when you aren’t a great artist yourself can be tough, but not anymore with these amazing easy drawing ideas with step-by-step instructions. Even a four-year-old would be able to draw these simple drawing ideas. So grab your pencil and paper and start drawing. Happy Drawing! You shall also like our post Drawing with Alphabets.