Is it Necessary to Cover Head after Delivery?

Do you want to know if it is necessary to cover your head after delivery? Are you confused if you should cover your head for first 40 days after delivery ? In India you will find your elders telling you to cover your head for first 40 days after child birth irrespective of the season. It is a popular confinement practice followed by many communities in India.

Traditional Reasons Given To Cover Head After Delivery

It is believed that body heat is lost mainly through the head, and that a new mother must maintain her body heat in order to recover after child birth. It is thought that covering the head prevents any body heat from escaping. Covering your head keeps you warm and protects you from infections.

Another reason given is that after delivery, immunity of new moms become  low. Therefore, they  can easily catch cold or any kind of infection. So , wearing a scarf is like precaution to protect oneself from cold.

Some mothers are also advised to cover their ears with cotton or put cotton in them to prevent cold air from entering through their ears.

Is it Necessary to Cover Head after Delivery?

It’s difficult to tell if all of these methods are effective. There is no scientific evidence for the practice. But the practice has been followed by our mothers and grandmothers since hundred of years.

Logically speaking , If you give birth in the winter season, you’ll need to dress warmly in general, not just cover your head, to keep warm. Covering your head can make you hot and sweaty, particularly if you deliver during the summer. And more so if your family advises you to avoid using the air conditioner and cooler when you’re confined.

Personal Experience

I did wear a scarf for two three days after getting discharged from hospital but found it very uncomfortable and took it off. I was fine even without a scarf.

It totally depends on you. There is no harm in wearing one but there is nothing you will miss too if you decide to skip wearing the same. If you decide to wear one, you can choose thin scarf for summers and woollen caps for winter season.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe in this traditional practice of covering head for first 40 days after delivery ? Did you follow the same or did not ? Let me know in the comments your thoughts.

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