Math Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Make Math fun and hands-on with this Math Scavenger Hunt for kids.

After the Garden scavenger hunt and Five Senses scavenger hunt my son wanted to do more of such hunts. I thought of incorporating math for his next scavenger hunt.

It is easy to set up. You just need a print out of the sheet and you are good to go. It is ideal for ages 4-6 years.

This math scavenger hunt covers topic shapes and numbers which are covered in preschools. Ask your child to search the things listed in the sheet. If your child is too young to read, you can read it to them and ask them to gather the items mentioned in the list.

Math Scavenger Hunt for Kids

A scavenger hunt is always a hit with my son. My son got excited every time he found the object. This scavenger hunt also provided a good reading practice for him. Surprisingly, my son was able to read every task without any help.

Here’s a look at the list

Math scavenger hunt for kids

Here’s the list of things he collected

  • Find something that is rectangular in shape – Photo frame
  • Find something that is a circle in shape – Jar cap
  • Count the number of doors in the house – 12
  • Find any pattern in the house- Cushions arranged on sofa
  • Find something that is longer than your hand – Bat
  • Find something that is a triangle in shape – Magnetic tile
  • Find something shorter than your foot  – Sanitizer bottle
  • Find 3 things that are of the same size – Water bottles
  • Find 3 things that are of different sizes  – Toy cars
  • Find 3 things that are of the same color – Jenga blocks
  • Find something that comes in pair – Socks
  • Find something that tells us time – Clock

You can make it more challenging for kids by giving them a time limit.

To get started, you just need to download our free Math Scavenger Hunt printable.

Download here

Will you try this scavenger hunt with your kids? Let me know in the comments.

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