20 Holi Art , Craft and Other Activities for Kids

Holi is just around the corner and if you are looking for Holi-themed Art, Craft, and other Activities for Kids, you are in the right place.

It is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated in the month of march on the full moon day. Holi is also famous as the festival of colors. People celebrate Holi by putting beautiful colors on each other. Kids fill their pichkari and splash on their friends! There is now a trend of splashing water balloons too.

Typically in the morning, adults play with colors and then spend the afternoon and evening with friends and family. For everyone, it is a time of fun and enjoyment.

Why not engage your children in colorful and fun Holi Art and Craft activities this time? We have lined up the Best Holi Art and Craft Activities for kids just for you!

Holi Art, Craft, and Other Activities for Kids


1. Holi Colouring Pages

Holi Coloring Pages

Most of the kids love coloring. Colouring in pictures may seem like a simple task but it is a great activity to improve kids’ motor skills and a great focus-building exercise. If your little one loves coloring, don’t forget to download our free coloring pages at the end of the post.

2. Blow Painting with Straw

Blow painting with straw Holi art and craft

This is a simple activity that you can do over and over again with kids and still enjoy it every time. And every time you get a different result.

Supplies Required

  • Sheet of Paper
  • Straws
  • Watercolors


  • Place a sheet of paper in a tray or do this activity outside.
  • Cut straws in half. This way blowing action would be more effective and closer to the paint.
  • Next transfer one or more droplets of liquid watercolor to the paper using a dropper or paintbrush.
  • Blow through the straw at the paint drops.
  • Repeat the above steps with more paint colors.
  • Once you are pleased with your design, set aside to dry.
  • After the paint dries, you can use it to make your Holi card. It’s the same as playing Holi, except on a card!

3. DIY Holi Colors

DIY holi colors Holi art and craft

To make these DIY Holi colors, all you need is cornstarch and food coloring.

Supplies Required

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • ½ cup of water
  • 1-ounce food color


  • In a mixing bowl, mix corn starch and water to form a thick paste.
  • Now mix the food color with the cornstarch mix. At this stage, gloves will come in handy ! You can even add a drop of essential oil for added fragrance.
  • Keep the bowl outside in sun for 2 days and let it dry.
  • After 2 days the mixture will become dry and crumbly.
  • Now blend this mixture in a blender to form a powder. Your holi color is ready !
  • You can repeat the procedure to make more colors.

4. Exploding Paint Bombs

Paint bomb activity

Your kids will love this exploding paint bombs activity. It is a messy activity so you would want to do it outdoors. Find all details here.

5. Hammer Art Activity

paint-splat-Holi art and craft

Another messy activity that kids are going to love.

Supplies Required

  • White Paper
  • Water paint
  • Hammer/Spoon
  • Cotton Pads


  • Take a sheet of white paper and put dots of different paint colors all over it.
  • Cover each paint dot with cotton rounds.
  • Now, to add to the fun, you can ask your child to predict which color is below the cotton before pressing it with a hammer.
  • Now ask him/her to smack the cotton with hammer or back side of spoon. You will see colors splashing out.
  • After that pull off the cotton once all cotton rounds have been smacked. You will be left with an awesome art piece to hang up!

6. Balloon Pop Painting

Holi art and craft balloon-pop-paintingballoon-pop-painting

Besides being fun, this balloon pop painting also makes an awesome piece of art.

Supplies Required

  • Canvas of any size
  • Balloons
  • Acrylic paint
  • Tape
  • Pin or dart to burst the balloon


  • Insert a little bit of paint color in the balloon.
  • Blow balloons a little bit and tie the end.
  • Tape the balloons to the canvas using tape.
  • Pop the balloons using a pin or dart. The colors will splatter on the canvas and you will get a beautiful paint splatter piece of art!

7. Small Bonfire at Home

You can make an actual bonfire at home. We collected some dry leaves and twigs from the park and made a small bonfire and discussed why we celebrate Holi.

8. DIY Pichkaari

DIY Pichkari

Children love to play with water guns and they will certainly be delighted by the possibility of making their own water gun. An old plastic bottle is what you need. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make your own pichkaari using a recycled plastic water bottle.

9. DIY Tie and Dye Holi T-Shirt

DIY Tie-Dye Shirt

Make your own tie and dye t-shirt with the help of this tutorial. All you need is a plain cotton t-shirt, some sketch pens, a spray bottle, and few rubber bands.

10. Water Gun Holi Craft

water gun craft

Find full detail to make this paper pichkari here by Joy of Sharing.

11. Make your own Holi Card

holi card

Holi isn’t about pouring color neatly, it is about splashing it all over and creating a mess! Artsy Craftsy Mom has a lovely craft where you can make beautiful color splatters on these Holi cards to give your loved ones a gift!

12. Water Balloon Art

water balloon painting

This is a fun activity that many kids can do together. For this activity, you will need open space and wide size of white craft paper. For this, you can use an old bedsheet as well. Mix different watercolors in different water buckets and use them to fill balloons. Now ask your child to throw the balloons on the sheet to make some incredible Holi art.

13. Colourful Holi Bunting

colourful holi bunting

You can make beautiful buntings and hangings for Holi too. This colorful bunting by Activity Village is perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Supplies Required

  • Large White Sheet / Bed Sheet
  • Paint
  • String


  • Drip or squirt paint in different colors all over the sheet. You can use a paintbrush or syringe too.
  • Cut the sheet into triangles when the color has dried. You can also try different shapes and designs to make buntings. You can try out diamond shapes, triangles, circles.
  • Use a punching machine to punch holes at the top of each triangle.
  • Pass the thread through the holes to make your bunting.

14. Holi Spring Tree

holi spring tree craft

Holi marks the arrival of the spring season in India. You can make your kids do a spring tree craft.

Materials Required

  • Tissue paper
  • Glue
  • White Sheet
  • Brown paper


  • Draw bark and branches of the tree on brown paper.
  • Cut the tree shape and paste it on the white sheet.
  • Now crumple up small pieces of multi-coloured tissue paper and stick them onto the branches using glue.

15. Spray Painting

toothbrush spray painting

Materials Required

  • 1 White Sheet
  • Leaves
  • Green Colour
  • Tooth brush


  • Place leaves randomly on a white sheet of paper. You may secure the working area with a newspaper.
  • Next, take some paint colors on the palate to dip the tooth brushing it.
  • Now dip the toothbrush on color and sprinkle the paint on the sheet by brushing fingers on the toothbrush. You can even use holi color spray instead of toothbrush.
  • Repeat this with multiple colors. It is okay if big blobs of paint fall off the brush. It will give a natural effect.
  • Take out the leaves and let the art dry.

16. Hand Print Holi Card

hand print Holi art and craft

Material Required

  • Hand shaped stamp ( You can even use your hands if stamp is not available)
  • Acrylic paints
  • A4 white sheet (or any colored sheet)


  • Fold the A4 sheet of paper in half.
  • Take out some paint on the palette and dip the hand stamp or your hands in the paint.
  • Dab them on the paper. Repeat this for other colors.
  • You can write a Holi message inside the card.

17. Water Balloon Painting

balloon water painting Holi art and craft

Material Required

  • Big Sheet of Paper
  • Paint Color
  • Water Balloons


  1. Fill balloons with water. Do not fill it too full otherwise, it may burst while painting with them.
  2. Take a big sheet of paper and secure the corners with a rock so that the wind doesn’t blow the paper away.
  3. Now dip the balloons in paint and create the art. You may roll, spin, dab, or spin ballons on the paper.
  4. Let it dry.

18. Read Books about Holi

Holi theme books

You can teach your child about the festival of Holi by reading these books to them. These books are ideal to teach kids when is Holi celebrated? why is Holi celebrated? how is it celebrated?

All these are available on Amazon.

19. DIY Holi Gift Tags

holi gift tags Holi art and craft

If you’re wondering how to add the extra punch to your Holi gifts, then these Holi gift tags are just what you need! Take a circle cut out or any shape cut out and stamp splash or hand images in 3-4 colors on it. Add slogans or wishes to the tag and finish it with twine! You can find a detailed procedure to make the same here.

20. Holi Dance

Dance is a great way of engaging kids. Here is a list of dance videos on the Holi theme for kids.

Holi Song and Dance

This baby shark-inspired Holi dance and sing-song is perfect for kids.

This dance tells the story of Holi with dance steps.

So go ahead, put some music on it and give it a shot.

Hope you enjoy these Holi-themed art and craft activities with your kids.

Let me know in the comments which art and craft activity did you like the most? Do you have any more Holi-themed art and craft activities to share with us?

Download Free Holi Theme Coloring Pages



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