General Knowledge Questions for Kids (Age 4-7 yrs)

If you are a parent and looking for General Knowledge ( GK) questions for your kids to practice with your child, you are at the right website. Here you will find a collection of General Knowledge (GK ) questions for kids in the age group 4-7 years. In India, all these topics are covered in Kindergarten and Grade 1.

There can never be a complete list of General Knowledge (GK) questions as there is infinite knowledge around us. This post covers the basic GK questions that a child should know for the age group 4-7 years. Some of the questions mentioned here may seem too easy for students in grade 1 but it is always good to revise.

To keep practicing is the key to excelling in GK. Start off with the questions we have gathered for you. Take it at a child’s pace. Improving general knowledge should be a fun exercise for any child. It should not be forced.  It should be done in moderation and suitable for the age group.

List of General Knowledge (GK) Questions for Kids between Age 4-7 Years

I have categorized the General Knowledge (GK) Questions for Kids according to the following broad categories.

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General Knowledge Questions on Indian National Symbols

Indian National Symbols genral knowledge for kids

1.How many colors do you find in India’s national flag?

Answer: Three

2. What is the National Flower of India?

Answer: Lotus

3. What is the National Tree of India?

Answer: Banyan Tree

4. What is the National Bird of India?

Answer: Peacock

5. What is the National Fruit of India?

Answer: Mango

6. What is the National Animal of India?

Answer: Tiger

7. What is the National Sport of India?

Answer: Hockey

8. What is the Currency of India?

Answer: Rupee

9. What is the National Anthem of India?

Answer: Jana Gana Mann

10. What is the National Song of India?

Answer: Vande Mataram

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General Knowledge Questions on Shapes

Shapes genral knowledge for kids

11. How many sides are there in a Triangle?

Answer: Three

12. How many sides are there in a Square?

Answer: Four

13. How many sides are there in a Rectangle?

Answer: Four

14. How many sides are there in a Circle?

Answer: Zero

15. How many sides are there in a Pentagon?

Answer: Six

16. How many sides are there in Hexagon?

Answer: Seven

17. How many sides are there in a Heptagon?

Answer: Seven

18. How many sides are there in an Octagon?

Answer: Eight

19. What is the shape of a Wheel ?

Answer: Circle

20. What is the shape of a pizza slice?

Answer: Triangle

21. What is the shape where all four sides are of same length?

Answer: Square

22. Most eggs are of what shape?

Answer: Oval

23. What is the shape of a kite?

Answer: Diamond

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General Knowledge Questions on Continents

Continents General Knowledge for kids

24. How many continents are there in the world?

Answer: 7

25, Name all the continents in the world.

Answer: Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Antartica

26. Name the biggest continent in the world?

Answer: Asia

27. Name the smallest continent in the world?

Answer: Australia

28. Which continent is called the white continent?

Answer: Antarctica

29. In which continent is India located?

Answer: Asia

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General Knowledge Questions on Festivals

festivals of India GK for Kids

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30. Which festival is the Festival of Lights?

Answer: Diwali

31. Which festival is the Festival of Colors?

Answer: Holi

32. Which festival is related to Jesus Christ and Santa Claus?

Answer: X’mas

33. Which festival is celebrated on Birthday of Krishna?

Answer: Janmashtmi

34. On which festival sisters tie a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist ?

Answer: Raksha Bandhan

35. At which festival we fly kites?

Answer: Makar Sakranti

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General Knowledge Questions on Community Helpers

General Knowledge for kids community helpers

36. Who grows our food?

Answer: Farmer

37. Who bakes cakes?

Answer: Baker

38. Who fixes taps?

Answer: Plumber

39. Who flies airplanes?

Answer: Pilot

40. Who helps to put out the fire?

Answer: Fireman

41. Who helps you when you are sick?

Answer: Doctor

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General Knowledge Questions on Animals

Animals genral knowledge for kids

42. How many arms does an Octopus have?

Answer: Eight

43. What is a baby frog called?

Answer: Tadpole

44. What is a baby cat called?

Answer: Kitten

45. What is a baby dog called?

Answer: Puppy

46. What is a baby lion called?

Answer: Cub

47. What is a baby duck called?

Answer: Duckling

48. What is a baby sheep called?

Answer: Lamb

49. Where does a pig live?

Answer: Sty

50. Where does a Lion live?

Answer: Den

51. Where does a Horse live?

Answer: Stable

52. Where does a Cow live?

Answer: Shed

53. Where does a rabbit live?

Answer: Burrow

54. Name the largest animal in the world.

Answer: Blue whale

55. Name the largest animal living on land.

Answer: African elephant

56. Which is the smallest bird ?

Answer: Humming Bird

57. Which is the tallest animal in the world?

Answer: Giraffe

58. What animal says “Moo”?

Answer: Cow

59. What animal says “Oink” ?

Answer: Pig

60. What animal says “quack quack”?

Answer: Duck

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General Knowledge Questions on Body Parts

Body Parts general knowledge for kids

61. How many fingers do you have?

Answer: 10

62. How many toes do you have?

Answer: 10

63. What part of the body helps you to see?

Answer: Eyes

64. What part of the body helps you to smell?

Answer: Nose

65. What part of our body helps you to hear?

Answer: Ears

66. What part of the body helps you to taste?


67. What part of the body helps you to feel/touch?

Answer: Skin

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General Knowledge Questions on Solar System

solar system gk questions for kids

68. How many planets do we have in our solar system?

Answer: 8

69. On which planet do we live?

Answer: Earth

70. Name the hottest planet in the solar system

Answer: Venus

71. Which planet is closest to the sun?

Answer: Mercury

72. Name our solar system’s largest planet?

Answer: Jupiter

73. Name the planet which has rings around it?

Answer: Saturn

74. Which planet is called the Blue Planet?

Answer: Earth

75. Which Planet is called the Red Planet?

Answer: Mars

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General Knowledge Questions on Colors

Colors general knowledge for kids
76. How many primary colors are there?

Answer: 3

77. How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Answer: 7

78. What is the color of brinjal?

Answer: Purple

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Miscellaneous General Knowledge Questions

79. How many days are there in a week?

Answer: 7

80. How many months a year has?


81. How many days are there in a year?

Answer: 365 (not a leap year)

82. What is the capital of India?

Answer: New Delhi

83. What is a house made of ice called?

Answer: Igloo

I hope you find the list of General Knowledge (GK) Questions for Kids between the ages 4-7 Years helpful.

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