All About Elocution Competition

Are you trying to find what is an Elocution Competition and how to prepare your child for the same? You are on the right page. I have also shared some topics and sample poems that be used for elocution competitions.

What is Elocution Competition?

Elocution is the art of effective public speaking. Elocution competition is a speech competition where participants are given a topic and judged on the basis of articulation, expression, diction, delivery, and style.

Tips for Preparing Elocution Competition

Here are some tips to help you to prepare your child for elocution competition.

Topic of the Speech

The topic of the speech is very significant in any elocution competition for children, whether it is assigned by the organizer or must be chosen by the participant.  If the topic is to be presented by the child, choose one that the child enjoys discussing at home or with friends. The topic should hold his/her interest.

Content of the Speech

Once you’ve decided on a topic for elocution competition, talk to him/her about what he/she already knows about it and what additional points he/she could bring up in his/her speech.

Pronunciation and Punctuation

Once the content and structure of the speech are finalized, make your child read aloud from the paper many times a day. During the practice, make sure the pronunciation and punctuations are correct. If there is a comma a small pause is taken. When there is a question mark tone should be of asking. When there is an exclamation mark there should be a stronger feeling.

Learn the Speech

Once your child is familiar with his/her speech, have him or her learn it one paragraph at a time. Once you’ve finished the first paragraph, repeat the process for the remaining paragraphs. You can read to your child whenever he or she forgets something.

Body Posture

Pay attention to body posture too. When speaking at elocution competition, the back should be straight and the chest should stand out. This helps voice chords to have more volume.


Keep in check the time allotted for speech. Check with your teacher about the time window for speech. Prepare your speech in accordance with the time constraints. Going beyond the time limit may lead to negative points.


Pay attention to intonation. In speaking, intonation refers to how the voice rises and falls. Even with excellent pronunciation skills, if you speak in monotones like a robot the audience will not be impressed. Elocution competition is all about delivering the speech.

Voice Modulation

You can either show proper facial expressions, body language, and voice modulation to your child or show him/her videos of accomplished speakers to help him/her understand how to do these.

Make Eye Contact

Tell him while delivering the speech at the elocution competition,, he/she has to make eye contact with the audience. It will help your child connect with the audience more effectively. In addition, he/she will appear more confident and assertive.


Last but not least practice is the key. Practice as much as possible. Practicing in front of the mirror also helps. You can see your performance and body language.

Topics for Elocution Competition

Elocution competition topics might be light or serious in nature. The general topics can be about yourself and your hobbies, yoga, books, health, etc. More intriguing subjects include global warming, rainwater harvesting, Why is elephant riding unethical? Should phones be allowed in School? What has coronavirus taught me? etc.

Elocution Competition Topics for Primary Students

  • Poem Recitation
  • My Favourite Food
  • My Favourite Festival
  • When I grow up I want to be…..
  • My Family
  • My Favorite Cartoon Character
  • Junk Food is bad for us
  • My Favourite Movie
  • If I could be an animal I would be….
  • My Favourite Movie
  • If I had a Superpower….
  • My School
  • My favourite Book
  • Why we should read Books?
  • My Best Friend
  • My Favourite Animal

Sample Poems for Primary Students

Sample 1

I find this poem Saw my teacher on a Saturday – by Dave Crawley perfect for elocution competition.

 Saw my teacher on a Saturday sample speech for elocution competition

Sample 2

The Dentist and the Crocodile by Roald Dahl

sample speech for elocution competition The dentist and the crocodile
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