Car Wash Activity for Kids

You should try this car wash activity for kids. I did this easy to set up Car Wash Activity with my son. My son loved it! I thought of sharing the same with you. It is easy to set up and very engaging for the kids.

Why kids will love this Car Wash Activity?

Kids plus water is always a fun time for kids. If you add bubbles to it, its tons of fun for kids. Isn’t it? This activity involves toys, dirt, bubbles, and water.

Children love to pretend play. At least my son does so. They love to re-enact their elders and the people around them. Car wash activity is a perfect pretend play.

What do you need for Car Wash Activity?

Dirty Toys




Soap Solution

How to Start ?

To start off you need dirty toy cars. No fun in cleaning the toys if it is not dirty. You can make them play with their toys in soil or just dirty the toys with some dirt. Instead of toys, you can also make your kids wash their own tricycles and bicycles. My son loves cars and he has a big collection of the same. So we picked up his construction trucks. If your child is into other toys like dolls or anything else, you can pick the same.

car wash activity for kids

Next fill a tub with soap solution to make bubbles. Please hide the soap solution otherwise you will have an empty bottle in next 20 minutes 😉

tub with soap solution

The setup is ready for kids. Just ask your child to clean their toys using a sponge after dipping the toys in soap solution and then give a wash with clean water. We used a hose to rinse with clean water. But you can keep a tub of clean water instead of that.

scrubbing toys for car wash activity

using hose to clean with clean water

After washing you can let it dry in sun.

 car wash activity for kids

This car wash activity turned out to be an amazing activity. It was extremely simple to set up and clean up and kept my son entertained for full 20 minutes.

You can even play music that is about car washing or just some fun children’s music to help set a fun mood. This is also a good activity to introduce words like dry, wet, full, empty, scrub to toddlers.

Will you try this car wash activity with your child? Please let me know in comments.

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