Make your own Bubbles and Bubble Wand

Here you will find the right recipe and procedure for making big bubbles and a bubble wand at home.

Blowing bubbles is a classic pastime and fun activity for children of all ages. This week we made bubbles using a homemade bubble solution and a bubble wand and it was a success! It was way better than the regular bubble solution we get at toy stores.

Check out the size of this bubble!

make bubbles and bubble wand

How to make Bubbles Solution for Bubbles at Home

Supplies Required

supplies for making bubbles

  • 6 cups water (Use RO water instead of tap water for better results, soft water is better than hard water for making bubbles)
  • 1 cup Vim Dish wash / Johnson’s baby shampoo
  • 2 tbsp Glycerin (Glycerin helps the soap bubbles to hold water so that they last longer)


Mix all the ingredients together. Do not create a lot of froth.

make bubble solution

Let it sit for an hour.

For best results, you should let the solution sit overnight.

If you blow bubbles and they don’t seem strong enough, you can add more glycerin .

How to Make Bubbles Wand

Supplies Required

2 wooden sticks / plastic straws (We just picked wooden skewers from our kitchen)

2 strings of Cotton rope (Use cotton rope only as it will soak solution better)

Procedure to make Bubbles Wand

It is really easy to make your own bubble wand. This is how I made ours. Just tie the strings to the ends of sticks on top and bottom. You can use the image below to see how strings are to be tied in a wand.

Make your own wand

Procedure to make Bubbles

dip in bubbles solution

  1. Using the sticks as handles, dip the rope into the bubble solution.
  2. Lift it up and let the excess solution to drip off
  3. Either let the wind blow the bubble or just walk little backward or just blow using your mouth.
  4. Keep repeating this procedure to make more bubbles.


Hold arms high while walking backward. It will result in the strongest and biggest bubbles!

High humidity is the perfect time to create giant bubbles. Extreme hot and extreme cold is not good for giant bubbles as it will dehydrate the bubbles which will cause them to pop.

Well!  What do you think?  Are you going to give it a try? are you going to make your own bubble solution and bubble wand?

Try it and enjoy the giant smiles on your child looking at giant bubbles!

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