Key Words Collection Set Book Review

If you are thinking of buying Key Words with Peter and Jane Collection and looking for review, I hope you find this useful.

When my son started with phonics in his school, I bought this Collection set of 36 books for him. I would highly recommend this series to parents who would like to teach their children to read. If your child is already learning phonics at school, these books are great for practicing reading.

This book set is not new. The books were first published in 1967. The series has been in print for more than 60 years and it is still so relevant. In western countries, these books has been used by generations of children. I am not sure if this book set was popular in India at that time.

These are also popularly known as Peter and Jane books too as the two main characters are Peter and Jane. With the help of these two characters,  Peter and Jane, key words are introduced and practiced through the levels.

It comes in a sturdy box set and contains 36 hardcover books. The paper and print quality is good. The books are divided into 12 levels, each with 3 books: a, b, and c.

In Series a, new words are introduced gradually.
Next in Series b, words introduced in series ‘a’ are practiced more and new words are introduced.
In Series c, all words that have been introduced in each ‘a’ and ‘b’ book are reinforced through writing.

Your child will start with 1a. Then he/she will read 1b and 1c. Thereafter, 2a, 2b and 2c and so on, until 12a, 12b and 12c. Phonic teaching starts in book 4c and continues through the c books until 11c.

What I like the most about this set is that the levels have been introduced very systematically and methodically. The level rises with each book. For example, in Book 1a, sixteen different words are introduced with an average of ten repetitions per word. Then in book 1b, same sixteen words are repeated but in different context and with different illustrations. In 1c, again these words are repeated but this time in a writing context

Each book contains around 50 pages with around 23-25 pages to read. The text is on the left side of the book and an accompanying illustration is on the right side.

Reasons to Buy the Key Words Collection Set

I highly recommend buying this collection.

The Key Words reading scheme is scientifically researched. These books are ideal to practice reading because each of the key words is introduced gradually and repeated frequently.

It is one of the best way to learn sight words too as some English words do not completely follow phonics rules. Some Words are sight words where kids have to recognize the sound looking at the spelling. The continuous repetition of sight words in the books gives a good practice to kids to learn sight words.

It is totally worth the price. Currently at Amazon, you are getting the whole set at Rs. 2249/-. You get 36 books at Rs.63 each. Looking at the quality, it is a steal !

I hope you find the review helpful and consider adding this wonderful set  Key Words with Peter and Jane Collection to your kids book collection.

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