Books to Buy for Newborns

Here you will find a list of books for newborns. It can be a bit overwhelming to buy books for your baby for the first time. We all know it’s important to have books for our little ones, but we’ve no idea what to buy and what kind of books to buy.

You will be surprised to know there are various kinds of books for newborns. Books for newborns are not just simple storybooks that we used to have.

These are just a few suggestions from my end, there are many more beautiful books you can buy for newborns.

List of Books for Newborns

Black and White Books

Black and white board books are easier for babies to see as their eyes are developing and learning to focus. Baby’s color perception is quite limited at birth.

Black and White Books

Black and White Books

Cloth books

Cloth books are soft, so they are quite safe and cuddly, as they don’t have any sharp corners. It is also light which makes them easy for the baby to hold.

Cloth books best books for newborn Cloth books


Bath books

Book made of plastic that you can take in bath just like a rubber ducky.

Bath books Bath books

Board Books

Board books are sturdy books made of hard pages. They do not easily tear and can be wiped clean easily.

Board Books best books for newborn Board Books


Lift The flap Books

These are interactive books with more pictures and fewer words. Babies love playing peek-a-boo with the hidden pictures in the books.

Lift The flap Books best books for newborn Lift The flap Books

Picture Books

Books with pictures and associated words

Picture Books Picture Books

Touch and Feel Books

These books allow babies to explore different textures.

Touch and Feel Books

Touch and Feel Books best books for newborn

Sound Books

Sound books play either sounds or rhymes in them which keep kids engaged with the book for a longer time.

Sound Books Sound Books

Pop-up Books

These books have 3D pop-up.

Pop-up Books

Slide Out Books

These books have hidden pull-out pages or tabs.

Slide Out Books

Simple Story Books

best books for newborn

best books for newbornbest books for newbornbest books for newborn

The above books suggested are not just for one-year-olds. These can be enjoyed when the baby grows up too. You can use these books for reading practice too.

I hope your child enjoys all these books as much as mine did.

As I said earlier, there are many more beautiful books you can find. The above are some of my recommendations for newborns.

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