Benefits of Eating in Silver Utensils For Babies

Have you ever wondered what are the benefits of eating in silver utensils for babies? Why our elders fed us in silverware when we were babies? Why are pregnant mommies gifted silverware? Or why young babies are gifted silverware in their naming ceremony?

Feeding infants with silverware is an old age custom typically followed by most Indians. It’s been around for hundreds of years and it is present in almost every middle-class and well off households in India. It is just not about tradition and a sign of affluence, there are many medicinal and wellness aspects that encourage the use of silver utensils for babies to feed them.

Benefits of Eating in Silver Utensils for Babies

Silver is Bacteria-Free

Silver has a unique property that prevents the accumulation of germs cells. It ensures the germs aren’t able to survive and grow on them. Therefore, it doesn’t need to be sterilized, unlike plastic. Just a regular wash with warm water is enough to make it safe to use it again.

Easy to Maintain

Silver utensils are simple to keep and does not require a lot of scrubbing or cleaning. Soap and water are sufficient to clean it. You don’t need to sterilise it.


Silver is non-toxic and safe unlike plastics and metals like aluminium and brass. The plastic melts and gets infused in the food when you serve hot food in a plastic container. Aluminium can react with acidic foods like lemon, oranges and tomatoes. This reaction with acidic food can make food toxic and could also lead to stomach problems and nausea. Brass also reacts with sour food, salt and lemon which can be harmful to the body. There are studies that prove that plastic and heavy metals cause cancer, damage in the reproductive system and neurological damage too.

Boosts Immunity

According to Ayurveda, some small traces of silver when combined with baby food can help to improve immunity. When warm food is served in a silver utensil, silver is released into the food. Silver extracts are found in several Ayurvedic medications too.

Maintains Freshness

Silver preserves and restores the freshness of liquids and food kept in it. If you are planning to store baby food for long hours, it is advisable to use silver utensils as silver destroys the viruses, bacteria and germs in the food.

In olden times, milk was infused with silver coins to keep it fresh for a long period as there were no refrigerators. Additionally, water and wines were also kept in silverware to keep it fresh and enhance its taste. It was believed that keeping water in a silver container can make it more effective in quenching thirst. Apart from this, it also made the water taste better over a period.


Nowadays if we buy a plastic container, we look for BPA free options. BPA is a type of mixture this is added to plastic to make it more durable and long-lasting. BPA typically tends to latch itself on the food items stored in these containers. This may trigger serious health issues like hormone imbalances, obesity, and sometimes even cancer. You can never be sure that perhaps the labels mentioning BPA free are 100% genuine. Silverware is free from BPA.

No Phthalates

Phthalates are a type of ingredient which is used to create plastics. Researchers have linked phthalates to asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental problems, behavioural problems, disorders of the autism spectrum, altered reproductive development, and problems with male fertility in recent years. 1 Silverware is free from phthalates.

Maintains the Body Temperature

Silver also helps in maintaining body temperature. Apparently, it is because of this property, the new-borns accessories like bangles, necklace and anklets are made of silver. So is the reason why women wear silver anklets and other silver jewellery in India. When we use silver utensils, it has a cooling effect on the body. The cooling effect helps in digestion and metabolism.

Increases Brain Power

Not only does it help in improving health, but also at the same time, it helps in increasing brainpower in the growing years of a child.


The silver utensils are durable as compared to plastics and glassware. Apart from this, if we use utensils made from glass or ceramic, we need to be cautious because if it falls, the utensils will break and crash.

Value for Money

Silver utensils though expensive in the beginning are valuable in the long run.  Moreover, good quality BPA-free baby utensils are very costly and you need to replace them every 6 months whereas silver can be used forever and you can even pass it to the next generation.

Benefits of Eating in Silver Utensils For Babies

Foods Not to Serve in Silver Utensils

Some worry if it is safe to serve tomatoes and fruits which can be citrus on silverware. Silver does not react to acidic food.  Therefore, it is completely safe to serve acidic food on a silver plate. However, silver can react to sulphur present in foods. As a result, you might find that eggs taste unpleasant when given with silver utensils. It should be noted that though it is not harmful to the baby as such, it’s best to avoid it.

How Can I Use Silverware For My Baby?

  • Serve baby food in a silver bowl, silver plate and a silver spoon.
  • Use silver glass to feed water, milk and other juices to the baby.
  • Give him/ her the medicines in silver Sangu / Paladai.
Silver Sangu or Paladai
Silver Sangu or Paladai

How To Clean Silver Utensils?

  • You can wash and clean silver utensils easily with soap and water. After that, wipe it with a clean cloth and let it dry. Use them as and when required.
  • You can even use toothpaste to clean stains on silver utensils.
  • Do not use an aluminium scrubber on it. It will leave marks.

Simple Tips To Buy Silver Utensils For Baby

Silver utensils are expensive to buy. Therefore, it is necessary that you give some thought when you go out to buy them for your baby. Below are simple tips to buy silver utensils for babies:

  • You can buy a bowl, a spoon and a glass made of silver. This would be sufficient for the baby. Additionally, you can buy a silver plate or bottle or mug if you wish and can afford it.
Silver Bottle for Babies
Silver Feeding Bottles for Babies


Silver Mugs for Babies
Silver Mugs for Babies
  • Select silver bowls without any elaborate carvings, as it makes them difficult to clean. Go for simple designs without too much design. The same goes for spoons, plates and glasses too.
  • Make sure you buy from reputed showrooms.
  • Select spoons that have round edges.

I hope you found all your answers related to the Benefits of Eating in Silver Utensils For Babies.

Please tell us in the comments section your views. Did you use silver utensils for your kids? Will you prefer it over plastics for your kids?

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